Olubanjo Olugbenga

February 24, 2020


Olubanjo Olugbenga


Olubanjo Olugbenga (Olu) is the Founder and CEO of Reeddi Inc, and a Master of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto. Olu’s startup, Reeddi, leverages on its proprietary technology to innovatively provide clean, reliable and affordable energy to individuals and businesses operating in the energy-poor regions of the world. Olu has led Reeddi to win the University of Toronto Hult Prize, and the RBC Prize for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Internationally, Olu’s company, Reeddi, was awarded the MIT Clean Energy Prize Award, the best emerging decentralized energy Startup Award in North America by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE-EBL), and the IEEE

Empower a Billion Lives Global Best Student Team Award. Also, Reeddi won the 2019 Cisco Global Problem Solvers Challenge and the Bereskin and Parr Intellectual Property (IP) award. Olu was awarded the John Wesley J. Hall award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship at the University of Toronto. He also won the Social Innovation Award at the University of Toronto Gown Award. He was one of the ten outstanding entrepreneurs selected as a BP One Young World Advancing Energy Scholar (from over 2500+ global applicants) for his

innovative approach to business and obsession to social and environmental impact. Beyond his startup, Olu has proffered innovative solutions to companies and industry leaders. Recently he was awarded a Distinction Award by Fashion Zone in Ryerson University for his innovative solution proposed to Oxford Properties Group, Canada. He has a keen interest in using entrepreneurship for social and environmental impact, and he has in the past co-chaired the Massey College Entrepreneurship Committee and Massey Community Service Committee. A life mission he holds dearly, Olu constantly seeks to make a beneficial social, environmental, and economic impact with technology and market-creating innovations.