Anita de Waard

February 19, 2020


Anita de Waard

VP of Research Collaborations at Elsevier

Session: Plenary Session: “Beyond Slogans: Building inclusive AI Solutions”

March 11, 2020

14:00 – 15:30

Anita de Waard is VP of Research Collaborations at Elsevier. Her work focuses on working with academic and industry partners on projects pertaining to progressing modes and frameworks for scholarly communication. Since 1997, she has worked on bridging the gap between science publishing and computational and information technologies, collaborating with groups in Europe and the US. Her past efforts include working on a semantic model for research papers, co-founding the interdisciplinary member organization ‘FORCE11: The Future of Research Communications and E-Science’ (, and supporting the development of standards and models for research data management in cross-stakeholder alliances such as the Research Data Alliance, the National Data Service and AGU ‘Making Data FAIR’ Program. She is currently involved in a number of efforts to increase access of scholarly content to a larger audience, including co-chairing a challenge to automate the generation of Lay Summaries, Program Chair of the Force2020 conference with as theme ‘Local Actions for Global Impact’ and collaborating on projects related to Trust in Research together with the Harvard Data Science Initiative. Anita has a degree in low-temperature physics from Leiden University, and worked in Moscow before joining Elsevier as a physics publisher in 1988.