Maricianah Onono

February 1, 2020


Maricianah Onono

Research Specialist with the Kenya Medical Research Institute -Research Care and Training Programme (KEMRI-RCTP)

Session: Parallel Session: “From Basic Research to the Global Elimination of Cervical Cancer”

March 12, 2020

14:00 – 15:15

Maricianah is a medical practitioner and research specialist with the Kenya Medical Research Institute -Research Care and Training Programme (KEMRI-RCTP). She has spent more than a decade working in the field of sexual reproductive and child health research in Kenya. Her overarching research interest is in developing evidence-based health systems that promote sexual reproductive and child health in areas with generalized HIV/AIDS epidemic. She possesses a proven track record of management and leadership of high-performance teams and has delivered nearly 30 successful projects both as a site investigator and as a research manager through her strategic vision and ability to implement sophisticated plans. 

She has won several awards including the outstanding heart of service (2005) and the Family AIDS Care and Education Services meritorious award (2009). In 2014, she received the Lenana Silver Merit award from KEMRI. This award is given to emerging scientists who are embarking on their career path but show promise in their work and achievements. In 2016, she was nominated and awarded one of the top 120 under 40 global leaders in Family planning. Within KEMRI she is the immediate past secretary of the Sexual Reproductive Adolescent and Child Health Program. She is also KEMRI’s representative to the Kenya national RH and HIV integration committee, National Family Planning Technical Working Group (TWG) and the national integrated community case management (iCCM) TWG and was a key contributor to the national policy on the Minimum package for integration of Reproductive health and HIV services. In this capacity she has contributed to several national guidelines such as those of FP, RH-HIV integration and iCCM.

She works with scientists from the University of Washington / Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center. Most recently as country director for the Kenya Single dose HPV Efficacy study (KENSHE trial; PI Ruanne Barnabas) in which her proposed study will be nested.  She has led the sites in Kisumu, Thika and Nairobi to enroll 2275 women one month ahead of schedule and has now begun the follow up phase. The KENSHE study involves longitudinal follow-up with 3-monthly regularly scheduled visits; with repeated determination of sexual behaviours, infection status (STI and HIV) and documentation of treatment. 

Dr. Onono has a PhD in global health from University of California San Francisco, Institute of Global Health Sciences and a Post-doctoral Fellowship in Global Health from the University of California Sab Francisco, CA, NIH Fogarty.