Oscar Jaime Antonio

January 31, 2020


Oscar Jaime Antonio

Founder of Mwendya Investimentos (SU) Lda

Session: Tackle Stage Factory: Ci2i “Industrialize Africa” , Tackle Stage Factory: Ci2i “Improve the Quality of Life”

March 10, 2020

15:30 – 16:15 , 16:15 – 18:00

Óscar is the founder of Mwendya Investimentos (SU) Lda, a micro-enterprise dedicated to the development of innovative Information Technology solutions and providing services to private companies within the Angolan territory. Imbued with a deep passion for application development, he seeks to contribute actively to increase society’s adhesion to ICTs and stimulate young people to innovate in the field. Until Dec, 2019, Óscar worked as the Marketing Manager of Kubinga – A Uber-like peer-to-peer ride-sharing platform that provides mobility to more than 15,000 users in Angola, specifically in Luanda, its operational base. In 2017 he became co-founder of Holen Lda, a company that operates in the sector of Architecture, Interior Design, and which runs Lyeza Artes—a design, multimedia and communications agency, and Real World Studio, a startup and lab that creates virtual and augmented reality solutions and provide training programs using technologies. In 2018 he was elected as Next Einstein Forum Ambassador 2017 – 2019 for Angola.