Romain Murenzi

February 19, 2020


Romain Murenzi

Executive Director of TWAS

Session: Parallel Session: “Who owns science? Reshaping the Scientific Value Chain in the 21st Centry”

March 12, 2020

14:00 – 15:30

Romain Murenzi serves as the Executive Director of TWAS ( and oversees the administration of OWSD, the InterAcademy Partnership and  GenderInSITE. Murenzi initially joined TWAS in 2011 for five years. He then spent 14 months at UNESCO, HQ, directing the Division of Science Policy and Capacity Building in the Natural Sciences sector. He served as Rwanda’s Minister of Education, S&T and Scientific Research (2001-2006), and as Minister in the President’s Office in Charge of S&T, and Scientific Research, with responsibilities including ICT (March 2006 – July 2009). In 2009 he was a senior scholar at AAAS Center for Science, Technology and Sustainable Development; he served as director from 2010-2011. He holds a BSc from National University of Burundi in 1982, MSc (1986) and PhD from Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium (1990). His major areas of research include multidimensional continuous wavelet transforms to quantum mechanics, image and video processing, and science and technology policy.